The Lost of Trees and Other Vegetation Can Couse Climate Change, Desertificstion, Soil erosion, Fewer Crops, Increased Greanhouse Gases in The Atmosphere, and a host of Probble,s for Indigenous People
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A Place to Express
In the future, Portir wont stop at only environmental goals. Portir also have the ambition for preserving local arts and culture. We will gather communities of musicians, dancers, theatrics, and so on. We even have a goal to make our own magical show! We believe, while our nature is rich in resources which sustains our life, humanity is rich in imagination which gives our lives meanings and colors. And both have to be preserved

We are campaigning for a renewable world

Giving for the Sake of Giving

Human takes thing for granted. We cut trees and destroying forests, and at the same time we complain about pollution and filthy environments. We always expect others to solve this problems while never start one from ourselves

The Experts

We realize that one community cannot change the world. Therefore we form a community that strive for environmental preservation

The Care

We don’t aim to change the world, we aim to form better characters part of those who NOT destroy and pollute

The Solutions

We have an ambition to plant 1 million trees by the end of 2024. We want to see a greener world, and at the same time we will strive to educate our surroundings,

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Join a growing movement of people around the world who are working to keep their local communities safe from climate impacts.

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